Kodak's new PlaySport Zx3 pocket camcorder is waterproof

Kodak's upcoming PlaySport pocket camcorder, which is due in April for $149.99, captures video underwater (up to 10 feet).

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David Carnoy

The Kodak PlaySport Zx3 is due out in April for $149.99. Kodak

Kodak has done very well with its Zi8 pocket camcorder, which features 1080p video capture and electronic image stabilization. Now the company is bringing those same features to a rugged, waterproof pocket camcorder called the PlaySport Zx3.

Available in April, the Zx3 will carry a retail price of $149.99 but will ship with virtually no memory (you have to supply an SD card). Like the Zi8, you'll be able capture "HD" video in 1080p or 720p, shoot 5-megapixel still images, and easily share your creations on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. However, what's interesting about the PlaySport is that you can take this thing underwater (up to 10 feet). While we've seen other pocket camcorders that do this, the Zx3 is arguably the first mainstream model to offer this feature.

Here's a snapshot of the PlaySport's specs.

  • Waterproof up to 10 ft. (3 meters)
  • Full 1080p HD video
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • 2-inch color display
  • Capture 5-megapixel HD stills (16:9)
  • Edit and upload to the Web with built-in software and included USB cable
  • Smart face-tracking technology
  • Impressive low-light performance
  • SD/SDHC card slot expandable up to 32GB (up to 10 hours of HD video)
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery with in-camera charging
  • HDMI cable output
  • Compatible with Mac and PC
  • Available in April ($149.99)
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