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Kodak PlaySport refresh gets more 'proofing'

The second generation of this full-featured minicamcorder can now survive more than a dip in the pool.


The first-generation Kodak PlaySport minicamcorder (announced at CES 2010) may have looked rugged, but in reality it was only waterproof to 10 feet. The second generation, however, is shockproof, able to withstand a 5-foot drop. That might not seem like much, but it's actually pretty good for this category.

As for general specs and such, this new PlaySport picks up where the old one left off. It still captures at up to 1080p, has a 2-inch LCD, and is loaded with Kodak's EasyShare software for quickly sharing on sites like Facebook and Twitter and international sites like Yandex and KAIXIN001. New features include autofocus, fast face tracking, and creative shooting modes.

Look for the PlaySport in spring 2011 for $179.95 in black, red, green, white, and aqua.

Editors' take:The first PlaySport was a very good minicamcorder considering its price, size, and waterproofing. The addition of shockproofing to the second-gen model is welcomed, as are things like autofocus and face tracking. Tweaks to shooting and sharing features help make this a worthy successor. Going rugged will cost you things like a built-in USB connector and a mic/headphone jack, though.