Kit allows upgrade to DVD

The kit enables DVD playback on a TV screen or a PC while running applications.

Paul Festa Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Paul Festa
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Paul Festa
Consumers who want to watch movies on their PC will have another option for DVD delivery following the upcoming release of Jazz Multimedia's DVD kit.

Dubbed Jammin' DVD II, the kit includes a Toshiba DVD-ROM drive and remote control and an MPEG and surround-sound card based on technology from C-Cube.

The playback card is VGA card-compatible and also plays CDs. Its TV-out function lets users view a DVD movie on a television set or on the PC while simultaneously running computer applications.

Toshiba's drive is compatible with CD-ROM, DVD, AND CD-RW (recordable).

At $379, the kit falls into the cheaper end of the DVD kit pricing spectrum. Sony and Philips Electronics offer kits with the Sigma Designs decoder for $599. Diamond Multimedia's DVD kit sells for $399.95, and Creative Technology sells its kit for $380.

Jammin' DVD II also is sold without the drive, for $199. The products will ship later this month.