JVC's snazzy new micro audio system

JVC is serving up three new micro audio systems for 2009, including the flagship UX-GN6 ($199.95), which features touch-sensitive controls, a motion sensor, and built-in iPod dock.

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David Carnoy
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The JVC UX-GN6 will be available in March and carry a list price of $199.95. JVC
JVC has three new micro systems for 2009, with the line-topping UX-GN6 featuring a motion sensor and a touch-sensitive illuminated control strip that JVC calls a "laser touch operation" panel. And, as you can see from the picture, it's got the requisite iPod dock.

Motion sensors were featured on some Logitech iPod clock radios last year and we expect to see more clock radios and micro systems offering this feature going forward. In this implementation, the feature enables you to wake-up the UX-GN6 from standby mode by simply waving your hand in front of the system. (We're not sure if tossing a shoe or pillow across the front of it would also do the trick, but we bet it would).

As for the touch-control panels, you run a finger up and down over the strip to adjust volume volume and control the CD player's forward/skip and reverse/skip functions. (JVC also says that other functions are handled using touch-panel controls, but doesn't cite exactly what they are).

Additional features include: a video output so you can play back iPod-stored video on a connected television; a USB port for playing music files stored on USB mass storage devices; a front audio input for connecting other audio products; the aforementioned CD playback; and an AM/FM tuner. The UX-GN6 has a total power output of 120 watts and comes with a pair of two-way speakers.

The UX-GN6 will be available in March and carry a list price of $199.95. The step-down UX-LP5, which features a retractable front flip dock for iPods, will list for $149.95, while the more basic (read: no iPod dock) UX-G200 will go for $99.95. Those units will be in stores in March as well.