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Jobs confirms original iPhone won't run iPhone OS 4

Apple CEO Steve Jobs says in an e-mail to a customer that the original iPhone will not support iPhone OS 4, which was demoed last week at a special event.

We had a feeling it would be the case, but Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirmed on Monday that the original iPhone would not run the company's newest iPhone OS.

James Martin/CNET

Jobs responded to a customer e-mail asking if the new operating system would support the original iPhone, according to Mac enthusiast site MacStories. In his typical succinct style, Jobs said:

"Sorry, no.

Sent from my iPhone"

Apple previewed iPhone OS 4 during a special event at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters last week. Among the revelations at the event was that not all iPhone models would support some of more advanced features of the new operating system.

While the original iPhone wasn't mentioned at the event, it's clear now that features like multitasking were not meant for the original models.

Multitasking, or the ability to run several applications at the same time, is perhaps one of the most sought after features from iPhone and iPad users and was certainly the highlight of Apple's event. Apple also demoed other features like iAd, Folders, and improvements to its built-in apps that would be included in the new operating.