J.D. Edwards to focus on government

The business software provider says it will partner with software giant Microsoft to target the state and local government sector.

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Business software provider J.D. Edwards today said it will partner with software giant Microsoft to target the state and local government sector.

Denver-based J.D. Edwards said in a statement that it will work with Microsoft by offering J.D. Edwards software running on Microsoft's NT platform to state and government agencies in order to improve the way they run their business, to help cut costs, and to streamline operations.

J.D. Edwards said its Asset Investment Management and Execution (AIMx) for government framework and Idea to Action software will help governments enhance efficiencies by managing critical assets, providing enabling technology, and handling changes in business processes. The AIMx framework for government automates the business processes, including both the conception and development of services for constituents.

The partnership will allow state and local government agencies to improve their information management capabilities, to enhance workflow, to facilitate and measure performance in order to serve citizens better, and to improve operations and cut tax-dollar spending, the company said.

While governments have used a system that worked well for them in the past, they recognize the importance of information technology that can help them move forward to improve revenue collection, automate access to information, and streamline delivery of government service as well as the capability of other knowledge management applications and Web-based software, said J.D. Edwards.

"J.D. Edwards' relationship with Microsoft can bring something unique to the client/server marketplace--rapid, economical, and predictable implementations of enterprise solutions for state and local governments," Connie Dean, a Microsoft marketing manger, said in a statement.

"J.D. Edwards' use of Windows NT enables them to provide our government customers with significantly enhanced business functionality and performance on a low-cost, standardized platform."