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It's not the iPad 3, but it would be sweet if it was (video)

Aatma Studio, the same crew that posted an iPhone 5 "concept video" that went nuts on YouTube last August, offers up a similarly eye-popping take on the iPad 3.

Two "iPad 3s" with edge-to-edge retina displays, internal magnets, and Near Field Communication make for eye-popping--though imaginary--gadgets in a new concept video from Aatma Studio.
Screenshot by Edward Moyer/CNET

Gadget geeks everywhere are, of course, beside themselves with anticipation over next week's iPad announcement from Apple. And, of course, the rumors have been flying.

But it seems unlikely we'll see too much of a departure from the current model--except when it comes to the high-res display. As CNET's Donald Bell puts it, "the most likely scenario we'll see from Apple is an incrementally improved device that will stun users (and disrupt an industry) with a unique high-resolution display."

Disrupting an industry is nothing to sneeze at. Still, wouldn't it be cool if we saw something like what Aatma Studio has dreamed up in the video embedded below?

As you may recall, the Aatma folks are the same ones who posted an iPhone 5 "concept video" back in August of last year, before that device hit the streets. The iPhone 5--or iPhone 4S actually--also turned out to be an incrementally improved device, which stunned users not so much with an industry-disrupting display, but with a sassy voice assistant named Siri. The Aatma video, though, conjured many dreams of future iPhones--and the studio's current concept vid of the iPad 3 similarly activates the imagination (and the salivary glands). Check it out.