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ITC decision on Apple v. Samsung spat to come in August

Some closure to Apple and Samsung's patent fight in the U.S. will be decided by the U.S. International Trade Commission later this year.

The International Trade Commission's final ruling on a spat between Apple and Samsung is due this August, following a review of an earlier decision.

The judge presiding over the patent case (which was filed by Apple against Samsung in July 2011) last night said he plans to issue a final decision on the case on August 1, following an updated initial determination that's subject to a review.

Last October, the ITC said that Samsung infringed on four of Apple's patents with a handful of its mobile devices. Late last month the U.S.-based group said that decision would be reviewed following petitions by both companies for a second look.

This ITC case differs from one Samsung filed against Applein August 2011, accusing Apple of infringing on five of its patents with its mobile devices. The case was then carved down to four patents, after Samsung removed a 2005 patent for MP3 music track technology.

Technology companies in recent years have increasingly turned to the ITC to settle their disputes. Companies can pursue an ITC case in parallel with civil lawsuits, and the threat of an embargo on products typically forces them to settle more quickly.

This ITC case is part of a much wider spat between Apple and Samsung, which are involved in legal confrontations around the globe. Perhaps the largest has been the U.S. trial between the two in a San Jose, Calif., federal court, which wrapped up last August and favored Apple, but has yet to be entirely laid to rest.

(via FOSS Patents)

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