Is eBay back?

The online auction company waives listing fees and takes drastic measures in an effort to prevent further problems, well aware of the anger recent blackouts have provoked.

CNET News staff
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The online auction company takes drastic measures in an effort to prevent further problems--and win back customers.

"This is not the most opportune time for us to have a problem like this."

- eBay spokesman Kevin Pursglove


eBay waives fees after major outage
update In an attempt to appease angry customers, eBay is waiving several million dollars in listing fees after See special report: 
The high price of auctions a nearly 22-hour service outage halted 2.3 million auctions.

eBay blacks out yet again
Another outage strikes one of the Web's most successful e-commerce players this weekend and could result in customer and investor defections.

eBay outages enrage users
Outages at eBay have upset users before, but the latest may be the last straw for many of them.

eBay plays hardball with feedback ratings
In a business where reputation counts, eBay is quietly moving to limit its sellers' bragging rights when they move to rival auction sites.