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iRiver B20: First-gen Clix redux

The iRiver B20 looks like a mini TV and acts like one, but only if you live in a region with DMB.


The iRiver B20 may be new, but it looks awfully familiar. In fact, it looks eerily like the first-generation Clix--not that that's a bad thing. The most obvious cosmetic difference is the telescoping antenna attached to the back of the device for receiving DMB content (no word on whether the antenna will attach to the models sold in the U.S.). I'm actually kind of fond of the antenna: it makes the B20 look even more like a cute, mini TV. The other major difference between this player and the Clix is the microSD card slot, which allows you to up the memory. The B20 will be available with either a white or a black finish, and the U.S. will be seeing just the 4GB for $149 in Q1 of 2008. More spec goodness after the image.

  • D-Click user interface.
  • 2.2-inch QVGA TFT LCD screen (260,000 colors).
  • Speedy Flash UI and Theme Skin.
  • Built-in digital FM tuner.
  • 22 hours rated battery life for audio, and 6 hours for video.
  • Five EQ presets and a five-band user-customizable EQ.
  • Supports MP3, WMA, ASF, MPEG4 SP, WMV, and JPEG.