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iPhone to ingest EA's 'Spore Origins'

The game that lets players design creatures and see them through a digital evolution is coming to Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.

Electronic Arts is bringing its new creature feature to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

EA's Spore Origins is swimming toward an iPhone near you. EA Mobile, via Business Wire

The game giant's EA Mobile unit announced Friday that it will offer Spore Origins for Apple's gadgets, starting later this month. The variation on EA's new Spore game is designed to take advantage of the motion-sensing technology in the iPhone and the iPod Touch so that players can tilt and angle their way through a digital take on evolution.

The full-fledged Spore goes on sale Sunday in North America. Players get to design their own creatures before beginning on an evolutionary quest through the game's many levels.

EA had said at the E3 game conference in July that it planned to build a number of games that would take advantage of the accelerometer built into the iPhone, along with its Wi-Fi capabilities.

For those whose video-gaming tastes run to more traditional fare, EA Mobile said Friday that it has nine other games in development for use on the iPhone and the Touch, including Yahtzee Adventure, EA Mini Golf, Monopoly: Here and Now (world edition), SimCity, and The Sims 3.

The company also has versions of Spore Origins for other iPod models and non-Apple mobile devices.

Apple has scheduled a music-related event for Tuesday that's widely expected to involve iPod news.