iPhone 6 speculation goes bezel-less

Apple is testing an iPhone 6 with a bezel-free design, the latest in a long line of rumors about an iPhone that puts more features behind the glass.

Brooke Crothers Former CNET contributor
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Brooke Crothers
Mock-ups of larger iPhone 6 models with no side bezel.
Mock-ups of larger iPhone 6 models with no side bezel. Ciccarese Design

Will the iPhone 6 finally ditch the bezel? Mock-ups like to think so. The real thing is less certain, though.

The latest speculation comes from the Korea Herald, which said that Apple may bring out a bezel-free iPhone 6 that supports fingerprint scanning.

The rumor was widely reported in blogs that follow Apple.

A bezel-free design -- which some publications depict as an edge-to-edge display -- would presumably require the fingerprint scanner to be incorporated into the display. On the iPhone 5S, fingerprint scanning is done via the home button.

This is by no means a first for this rumor. Speculation about an iPhone with an edge-to-edge display has been around for years.

The problem is, the real next-gen iPhone, aka iPhone 6, isn't due for a long time.

So, Apple could very well be testing a bezel-free design, but what the company ultimately decides is unknown.

And note that there have also been reports of a planned iPhone 6 with glass that is curved at the edges.

The Korea Herald also claims that Samsung's Galaxy S5 will come with the side bezels removed, citing new touch panel technology that would allow this.