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iPhone 5 users complain of static lines on keyboard

Another possible glitch has hit the new iPhone as some users see lines of static flashing across the keyboard when they enter their iTunes password.

Some iPhone 5 users are seeing lines in front of their eyes, at least when they key in their passwords.

Users chiming in on MacForums and on Apple's Discussion Forums say that lines of static appear across their keyboard as they type. But the problem seems to occur only when they enter their passwords at the App Store or iTunes store.

A YouTube video posted by one user clearly shows the static lines hopping across the screen.

Some posters believe the problem made be software related, especially since Apple changed the look and layout of the App Store and iTunes store in iOS 6. An Apple Support rep reportedly told one user that he thinks it's a software issue.

I've entered my iTunes password several times on my iPhone 4S with iOS 6 to download apps and haven't see any static lines. But a fellow CNET reporter with an iPhone 5 told me that he saw the static lines when he entered his password. So the problem could be specific to the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 users have reported other glitches, such as nicks and scratches on the side, light leaking out, and of course, gaffes in Apple's Maps app.

It's not unusual for technical glitches to start popping up once a new device reaches so many consumers. Apple said yesterday that it sold 5 million iPhone 5 handsets over the weekend.

Past devices have been hit by their share of issues, notably the iPhone 4's infamous antenna problem.

CNET contacted Apple for comment and will update the story when we receive more information.