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iPhone 5 mockup drawing attention at IFA 2012

One enthusiastic but unnamed case maker has apparently turned out its own mockup of the iPhone 5, presumably to show off its wares.

GSMIsrael, screencap by David Hamilton/CNET

The iPhone 5 has materialized at the IFA trade show in Berlin. In mockup form, at least.

The tech-news site GSMIsrael was apparently the first to report on the iPhone 5 mockup, which it claims to have seen courtesy of the CEO of a major cover and case manufacturer. Like just about all the iPhone 5 rumors floating around out there, the mockup is taller than existing iPhones, has a headphone jack on the bottom edge of the phone and features a two-toned backplate.

GSMIsrael didn't identify the case maker that presumably produced the mockup. (Here's a Google-translated version of the Israeli report.)

According to The Verge, mass production of cases designed to fit this particular mockup is underway, and could be shipping to retailers within a week.

By the way, 9to5Mac has a good roundup of iPhone 5 mockups, fakes and hoaxes. And don't miss CNET's own iPhone 5 rumor roundup.

Updated at 2:21 p.m. PT: Now there's a video in which someone apparently actually turns on what purports to be an iPhone 5. No way to tell if it's genuine or not, but see for yourself (via RazorianFly):

(via The Verge)