iPhone 5 launching with 4-inch screen, new Dock connector?

That's the latest rumor from iLounge, which claims to have a source with knowledge of Apple's smartphone plans.

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Don Reisinger
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What's next for Apple's iPhone line?
What's next for Apple's iPhone line? Apple

The iPhone 5 rumors keep coming.

Apple's upcoming smartphone will come with a 4-inch screen, due mainly to a thinner, taller body, according to Apple-focused site iLounge, citing an unnamed source. The site's source claims Apple's new iPhone will be 10mm taller than the iPhone 4S, and about 2mm thinner. By keeping the same width and tossing in the display to fit the new form factor, Apple is able to deliver more screen space than what's available on 3.5-inch-equipped iPhones, according to the source.

Although the front of the iPhone 5 will look about the same, the back will feature a flat, metal panel stretching from beneath the camera to nearly the bottom. iLounge's sources did not say why the device might come with that additional element. Aside from the metal panel, the device will boast Gorilla Glass 2 technology, according to the site's source.

One of the more surprising moves, though, might be iLounge's contention that Apple will launch the iPhone 5 with a new Dock connector featuring fewer pins than the 30-pin option found across its mobile devices today. The new connector is "closer to a pill shape" and will find its way to all future mobile devices the company launches, according to iLounge.

Rumors have been surrounding the iPhone 5 for months now. Much of what iLounge claims will be coming to the device has already been cited in previous rumors. And in each case, Apple has stayed tight-lipped, allowing the rumor mill to heat up and speculation to run rampant. So, be sure to take all of this with a healthy heaping of salt until the final product is officially announced.

And when might that final product be announced? iLounge says the iPhone 5 is slated for a fall release.