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iPad 5 in space gray crops up again on video

Stop me if you've seen this before: A new color and form factor for Apple's next iPad. Here it is again, this time next to other iPads.


In case you missed the first several leaks of this purported iPad 5 metal backing in Apple's newest color, there's more.

iCrackUriDevice posted a rather extensive video of the part, which is said to have originated from suppliers in Hong Kong. Besides the color, it's identical in appearance to other such leaks, which strongly suggest Apple plans to super-size the iPad Mini case design to its larger 9.7-inch tablet.

Apple introduced Space Gray as a new color option on the iPhone 5S, while quietly adding it as an option for iPod Touch buyers. As the name would suggest, the color falls in between last year's black, and the typical silver that's made up the back of all four generations of iPad, along with the iPhone 5 and 5S.

The video is the latest to show off the part, which represents the first major physical change to the iPad since the iPad 2 in 2010. A similar Space Gray unit for the iPad Mini was depicted last month.

There still haven't been any leaks of a fully assembled device that would hint at what's changing on the inside. That includes whether Apple plans to include its new Touch ID sensor in those devices, or if it intends to keep the technology limited to phones for the time being.

Apple is expected to unveil both a new full-sized iPad and souped up iPad Mini at an event later this month. The company did the same thing last year with a special event about a month after its iPhone 5 unveiling.

Here's the video, complete with a glaring typo in the preview image:

Update at 2:28 p.m. PT: Not to be outdone, Unbox Therapy has posted a separate video depicting the very same part: