iOS 7 upgraders reporting installation, iTunes issues

Some upgraders are reporting issues trying to install the iOS 7 update, as well as access to iTunes. It's unclear how widespread the issue is.

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Josh Lowensohn

The update to iOS 7 has not been smooth sailing for all.

Many users on Twitter, as well as on Apple's support site are reporting issues when attempting to install the update, which went out earlier today.

Affected users are reporting that the downloads will stop, with a warning error pop-up that says the "software update failed." Others are saying they cannot connect to the iTunes Store to update apps.

The likely culprit is that Apple's servers, which are pushing out the update over the air as well as through iTunes, are being hit by many users attempting to get the download. Nonetheless, according to Apple's services page, all its various services are up and running.

Worth noting is that the update is larger than most Apple has put out in the past. It can range in the mid-600MB range for older iPhone and iPad users, and go up to 935MB for users on Apple's fourth-generation iPad. Users also need to have lots of free space available for the downloaded update to install, which can top 3GB in some cases.

CNET has reached out to Apple for comment, and we'll update this post when we know more.

Update at 12:23 p.m. PT: In addition to the issues surrounding iOS 7 installation and app updates, some users are also reporting issues with Apple's activation servers. It's unclear how widespread this is.

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