iOS 7-ready game controller hardware spotted

An upcoming game controller accessory for Apple's iPhone, allegedly made by Logitech, has surfaced ahead of iOS 7.

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Josh Lowensohn
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Apple quietly announced upcoming support for game controller accessories at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference last week, though missing was any sort of hardware from Apple or third parties.

Shortly thereafter, Logitech and PowerA confirmed to CNET that they would, in fact, be releasing iOS game controllers, though neither tipped its hand as to what those controllers would look like.

Game site Kotaku now posts a blurry shot of what it says is Logitech's effort -- a gamepad with four action buttons, a D-pad, and a slot with a Lightning port for an iPhone 5 or fifth-generation iPod Touch. Not clearly pictured is whether the hardware has shoulder buttons, something that's supported in the design spec.

Logitech declined to confirm whether the photo was of its hardware, reiterating an earlier statement noting that it is working on controllers for the fall, and that iOS 7 is an "important step for iOS-based gaming."

Both Logitech and PowerA -- along with other accessory makers -- are expected to unveil official hardware in the coming months. iOS 7, which opens the door for support of this type of hardware, isn't due until the fall, likely alongside an updated model of the iPhone. Apple released the first beta of the software to developers last week, though so far only for the iPhone and latest iPod Touch.

As noted in previous coverage, there have been a slew of third-party controllers for iOS devices, though these have used workarounds and required specific support from developers in order to function. Apple's solution promises something that's more widely supported, and actually encouraged within the company's software development kit.

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Updated at 1:30 p.m. PT with comment from Logitech.