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iOS 6.1 wins over 22 percent of iOS users, says report

Just 36 hours after its debut, iOS 6.1 had already been installed by almost a quarter of the 13 million iOS users tracked by Onswipe.


Apple's iOS 6.1 has lured in a hefty number of users, at least according to data out yesterday from Onswipe.

Released on Monday, Apple's latest OS update was downloaded by 21.8 percent of iOS users within just 36 hours. Among the iOS users tracked by Onswipe, 24 percent were iPhone owners and 21 percent iPad owners.

Further, Onswipe data sent to CNET showed that 11.3 percent of users had already upgraded to iOS 6.1 within the first 24 hours. Based on the stats, the latest iOS version hit a record for the quickest adoption rate.

Of course, the data doesn't include all iOS users, just those tracked by Onswipe. The company provides customers with tools to create Web sites designed to be viewed on mobile devices. As such, Onswipe's platform tracks 13 million active iOS users, up from 10 million last month.

That's a small slice of the total number of iOS users, even those who've been running iOS 6. Unveiling iOS 6.1 on Monday, Apple marketing VP Phil Schiller said that iOS 6 reached almost 300 million iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users in just five months.

But even the cross section of Onswipe users provides a good clue as to the overall adoption of iOS 6.1.

And just why has the latest update proved so popular?

Onswipe CEO Jason Baptiste offered one theory to the folks at TechChunch.

Apple introduced its over-the-air update feature with iOS 5 in October of 2011. As such, users can update their devices directly without having to go through iTunes as the middleman. Baptiste believes people have finally grown comfortable with the OTA feature and know how it works, making it easier for them to update their devices on the fly.