iOS 5.0.1 fixes battery drain bug, say early testers

Early adopters invited to check out the beta of iOS 5.0.1 seem happy with the update, with many reporting that it does resolve the battery drain problem.

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Lance Whitney
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Apple's iOS 5.0.1 update, which the company released today ahead of schedule, apparently fixes the battery drain problem, at least according to some early testers.

Based on comments made by users who've installed the update, Wired found that most are enjoying a big boost in battery power. Followers of Wired on Twitter chimed in after the magazine posted a tweet asking who has updated to iOS 5.0.1 and if it improved their battery life.

In response, Wired reader Donald Kuntzman reportedly called the update "nothing short of amazing," saying that his iPhone 4 can now get through almost the whole day without a change in the meter reading. Another person tweeted that his iPhone 4S went from losing 15 percent of its charge per hour to only 3 or 4 percent.

Another tweeter said that he now only needs to charge his phone every other day instead of every day, while a fourth person reported that he installed IOS 5.0.1 beta 2 and noticed an improvement in the battery life.

A few people said they saw no difference, while one person claimed the battery life got worse after iOS 5.0.1, but Wired seemed to discount that as a rare exception to the rule.

Responding to the battery drain issue and other bugs in iOS 5, Apple last week unveiled a beta of iOS 5.0.1 for developers, then quickly followed that up with a second beta. Earlier this week, the company invited select users to test out the iOS 5.0.1 update themselves to see if the battery issue was resolved.

Some reports said that iOS 5.0.1 wouldn't be available for all users for a few more weeks, but Apple launched the update today.

So, who among you has updated to iOS 5.0.1, and have you found an improvement in battery life?

Updated 10:45 p.m. PT: Added the news that iOS 5.0.1 was released today.