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Iomega recalling Jaz disks

The storage drive maker says it will recall some 20,000 recently manufactured disks in the United States and approximately 55,000 in foreign markets.

Iomega (IOM) is recalling approximately 75,000 recently manufactured Jaz disks.

Iomega says it will recall some 20,000 disks in the United States and approximately 55,000 disks in foreign markets. It claims the recall represents a small portion of overall production. The company says it believes most of the disks affected in the United States have not been sold yet. Disks bought prior to March 24, 1997 are unlikely to be affected.

The removable 1GB disks are used in Jaz data storage and backup disk drives. The defective disks could lose information stored on them, and may not perform properly, according to Iomega.

Iomega will replace all defective disks for free and says it is working to replenish dealer inventories with new disks.

Information on how to identify the defective disks is available on the company's Web site.