Invisio officially launches the Q7 bone conduction headset

Invisio officially launches the Q7 bone conduction headset, which should be available by February this year for around $149.</p>

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Nicole Lee
Invisio Q7
Invisio Q7 Nicole Lee/CNET Networks

If you have a long memory, you might remember the Invisio Q7 bone conduction Bluetooth headset that was announced almost two years ago. Well, it's January of 2008, and after two long years, the Q7 is finally a reality. Invisio had previously focused on the professional headset market for the military and emergency services, and the Q7 is one of its first few consumer-focused headsets designed for extreme environments. Of course, its obvious competitor is the Aliph Jawbone, which doesn't quite have the bone conduction technology of the Q7. The Invisio Q7 promises real bone conduction without the help of any microphones, so much so that only your voice will be transmitted. Of course, the Q7 is also substantially smaller at about 0.39 ounce. Another thing we liked about the Q7 is its unique Soft Spring earbud design that fits right in the ear without the need for an ear hook. It lasts up to 6 hours of talk time and up to 100 hours of standby time. According to Invisio, the Q7 will be available by February this year for around $149.

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