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Intuit to change tax software commercials

Company agrees to the change after H&R Block claims the ads are "inaccurate."

Intuit, the financial software company that makes the high-selling TurboTax program, must immediately change television and radio commercials claiming that its software prepared more tax returns than H&R Block offices, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri ordered Wednesday. Kansas City, Mo.-based H&R Block, the second-largest online and software tax services provider, challenged the claims as "inaccurate" in court last week, saying in a press release that Intuit failed to provide an "adequate" response or supporting data for the commercials.

Intuit agreed to change its commercials rather than to proceed with the issue in a courtroom, and the district court solidified that agreement in Wednesday's order, the press release said. The court has not yet ruled on H&R Block's claims for money damages and a permanent injunction.