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Internet's taxing times (week in review)

A senior senator is readying legislation to end tax-free Internet shopping, and Cisco kills the Flip. Also: Apple announces Final Cut Pro X.

We may be basking in the waning sunlight of tax-free Internet shopping.

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A senator is preparing to introduce legislation that would rewrite the ground rules for Internet and mail order sales by eliminating the ability of Americans to shop at Web sites like and without paying state sales taxes.

"Why should out-of-state companies that sell their products online have an unfair advantage over Main Street bricks-and-mortar businesses?" Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said in a speech in Collinsville, Ill., in February.

Durbin, the second most senior Senate Democrat, will introduce the bill after the Easter recess, a Democratic aide told CNET. At the moment, Americans who shop over the Internet from out-of-state vendors aren't always required to pay sales taxes at the time of purchase.

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Privacy 'bill of rights' exempts government agencies

So-called privacy bill of rights doesn't regulate federal government's data collection, require warrants for surveillance, or ensure data breach notification.

Cisco gives Flip video biz the boot

The company is ditching its Flip video camera business, which it bought for $590 million just two years ago, as it makes "tough decisions" meant to get it back on track.
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Google's acquisition of ITA Software closes

Despite being met with significant opposition in the travel search industry from companies that claimed buying ITA would give Google unfair power, the $700 million acquisition has cleared.
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Microsoft gives details on next Windows Phone OS

The software giant shows the ability for people to multitask, demonstrates Spotify and Qantas apps, and announces Angry Birds launch date.
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What turns people off from buying 3D TV

A new study says 3D glasses and the high price of the TVs are scaring off buyers. The good news is prices are coming down. The bad news? We're still a long way from watching 3D TV without glasses.
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App Store placeholder hints at another iOS device

An iOS app listing with mention of an unnamed compatible device is stirring rumors that Apple plans to add another iOS app-capable device to join the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
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Apple announces Final Cut Pro X

Apple gives users a sneak peek at the next generation of its Final Cut Pro software. The 64-bit video-editing suite is the first update to the tool since 2009 and cuts $700 off the current price.
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Facebook suit cites alleged Zuckerberg e-mails

Paul Ceglia claims a 2003 contract with Mark Zuckerberg entitles him to 50 percent of Facebook, and he says he has the e-mails to prove it.
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Celebrating 50 years since Yuri Gagarin's 'Let's Go!'

On April 12, 1961, the Soviet cosmonaut became the first human to go into space. Fifty years later, Gagarin's fame is as bright as ever, and he may be one of the few Soviets to retain his star power.
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