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Intergraph slashes server pricing

Intergraph Computer Systems cuts prices on Pentium Pro-based servers by up to one-third.

Intergraph Computer Systems (INGR) will announce price cuts of up to 33 percent on Intel Pentium Pro-based servers today.

The comprehensive cuts are the latest salvo in an aggressive price war as Pentium Pro machines hit the market. Intergraph cuts apply to its entire line, from the 600 series of Pentium Pro servers, to the InterServe Web server line and the PrePress desktop publishing boxes.

A low-end InterServe 600 Pentium Pro server now comes in at just over $19,000, with a 200-MHz processor, Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID) 3 capabilities, and 4 gigabytes of storage. Prices are cut to $64,800 at the high end of the line.

Intergraph's popular Web server line now has prices of $6,995 to $31,000. A PrePress DTP-40 is now $21,995.

The InterServe 600 line has also received processor and cache upgrades. The 610 and 620 models are now available with 200-MHz processors in a four-way symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) configuration. Previously one- or two-way models were available with a 150-MHz Pentium Pro.

The 630 and 640 models have received an on-board cache upgrade from 256 kilobytes to 512 kilobytes for increased performance.