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Intel's warning shot: Is there more to come?

The leading chipmaker's revenue warning has rattled an already vulnerable industry, leaving analysts and industry pundits to wonder whether there are more warnings to come.


Revenue problems shake rivals, PC manufacturers

By CNET Staff
September 22, 2000, 4:00 a.m. PT

The leading chipmaker's revenue warning rattles the technology sector, leaving analysts and industry pundits to wonder if there is more bad news on the horizon.

Intel warning blindsides many analysts
update The chip giant's earnings warning, which blames a Europe sales slowdown, catches many analysts flat-footed.

Indexes swoon on earnings news
update The Nasdaq drops more than 100 points as technology stocks take a beating following Intel's profit warning.

Other tech firms not singing Intel blues
Although Intel's revenue warning has sent shockwaves through the tech industry, many companies have chimed in to say their business is on track.

Slew of brokers issues downgrades
Nearly two dozen analysts pen pessimistic reports after the chipmaker warns that it will not meet the company's earlier projections or Wall Street's lofty expectations.

Rival AMD wins contracts as Intel struggles
Two more computer manufacturers agree to incorporate processors from Advanced Micro Devices in their PCs, and the timing couldn't be better for the chipmaker.

Warning could signal PC slowdown
news analysis The question on Wall Street is whether the PC market will start to falter because of global economic shifts, different customer buying patterns or other changes.

Will sinking euro spur next economic flu?
update With companies citing the falling euro as an earnings damper, investors wonder whether tech companies will see a sequel to the Asian economic flu.

Chipmaker blames Europe for sales drop
Intel points a finger across the Atlantic, saying revenue for the third quarter is likely to be only 3 to 5 percent higher than second-quarter revenue of $8.3 billion.


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Intel announcement rocks the market

Joe Rattigan
Individual Investor
Is the Intel warning bad news or just news?
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Jeremy Lopez
Morningstar analyst
The Intel news hit some PC makers harder than others.
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Investors brace for stock plunge
Although not "catastrophic," analysts say Intel's problems will likely cause ripple effects throughout the tech sector, with PC makers particularly vulnerable.

PC makers, analysts dispute slowdown reports
Although a noted analyst said earlier that the PC market growth is slowing, computer executives and other market watchers say this isn't true.

Intel downgrade pegged to PC sales slowdown
U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray analyst Ashok Kumar expects virtually all the major PC makers to miss expectations for the third quarter.