Intel's vision of the future

The company looks to placate open-source developers by releasing Linux versions of essential supporting software at about the same time it releases Windows versions. Also: Itanium plans are fleshed out.

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Smarting from criticism from open-source programmers, Intel commits to release Linux versions of essential supporting software at about the same time it releases Windows versions. Also: The chipmaker promotes ultrawideband technology and details its plans for Itanium.

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David Berlind, executive editor, ZDNet
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Craig Barrett, chief executive, Intel

Notebooks to dial up built-in phones

Toward the end of the year, more people will be talking to their laptops, Intel says.
February 19, 2004

Intel adapts to changes ahead

If processors are going to continue to increase in performance, they'll have to be a lot more flexible in the future, the chipmaker says.
February 19, 2004

Speeding Linux support

Looking to placate open-source developers, Intel will start delivering Linux drivers during the same release cycle as Windows drivers, though not necessarily the same day.
February 18, 2004

Intel broadens ultrawideband role

The chipmaker forms a group to promote the technology to fill in the wireless gaps between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and "kill the wires."
February 18, 2004

Itanium plans fleshed out

Intel details upcoming releases and highlights two new technologies for the family of processors.
February 18, 2004

Intel reveals new 64-bit server chip

The chipmaker's CEO says the company will add new instructions to its x86 line of processors next quarter.
February 17, 2004

For Intel, 32/64-bit chips a long time coming

The chipmaker has a long track record of downplaying its interest in chips that could read both 32-bit and 64-bit software. Still, over the last decade, it was tinkering away.
February 18, 2004

IBM backs 64-bit Intel chip plan

Big Blue is eager to embrace Intel's newly announced 64-bit Xeon processors, building support for them into chipsets at the heart of IBM's next-generation servers.
February 17, 2004

Intel uncorks home-networking plans

update The company wants to make it easier for people to shuttle media files throughout their homes, and it shows off concept PCs, including one with an "instant on" capability.
February 17, 2004

Microsoft, Intel weave networking standard

update The companies propose a Web services specification to connect noncomputer devices. "Web services is coming home," an Intel executive says.
February 17, 2004

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Intel offers peek at future chips

The chipmaker will give a glimpse of what the insides of computers might look like in a few years when it presents research results at the International Solid State Circuits Conference.
February 16, 2004

Intel shifts 64-bit emphasis

The chipmaker plans to demonstrate a 64-bit revamp of its Xeon and Pentium processors in mid-February--an endorsement of a major rival's strategy and a troubling development for Intel's Itanium chip.
January 29, 2004