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Intel's second-half strategy

At a meeting for financial analysts in New York, Intel addresses inventory problems in the PC market.

Intel is embarking on new initiatives designed to help PC makers better estimate production and inventory needs. The chip giant plans to rapidly shift to an advanced manufacturing process that promises to deliver 500-MHz chips in a year. Intel also believes that the second half will bring a cyclical upturn in the market. Meanwhile, Dell is phasing out PCs using the older Pentium chip in favor of exclusive use of Pentium IIs.

Intel to manage PC inventories
What company is devising methods to beat direct vendor Dell at its build-to-order game? Ironically, it's chipmaker Intel.

Intel upbeat about China, Asia markets
Robust growth in China's PC market and Taiwan's advanced technology sector will boost Intel's growth, an executive says.

Intel eyes 500-MHz chips
The chip giant plans to move quickly to 0.18-micron technology to pack more processing power into less chip real estate.

Intel: demand will return
Intel executives acknowledge that the inventory glut will slow second-quarter revenue growth for the PC industry, but argue that demand will return.

Dell to stop selling Pentium PCs
Dell Computer is dropping the venerable Pentium chip from its Dimension PC line and shifting to Pentium II processors while lowering prices.