Intel wants to wow you with ultrabooks (live blog)

The chip giant plumps hard for those super-thin laptops, touting an ultrabook "ecosystem" with devices featuring touch, NFC, and gesture recognition.

Jay Greene Former Staff Writer
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Jay Greene
Intel Vice President Mooly Eden touts ultrabook efforts, including future models with a touch-screen interface, at a CES press conference this morning. James Martin/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Ultrabooks, those super-thin laptops aiming to compete with Apple's MacBook Air, are among the most talked up gadgets at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, and no company is hyping the devices more than Intel.

Intel shows off an array of ultrabooks at CES. James Martin/CNET

The chipmaker got its first opportunity at this morning's press conference, where Intel Vice President Mooly Eden provided an update on the company's ultrabook efforts, touting an ever-evolving "ecosystem" with future ultrabooks featuring touch, NFC, and gesture-based gaming. Among other things, Eden introduced a Nikiski clamshell concept that, when closed, offers a touchpad showing a tile-based interface.

You can replay the full live blog in the Scribble Live module below or check out our summary post of Intel's announcement.

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