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Intel stumbles

The microprocessor giant expects major staff cuts after a significant drop in profits. The future doesn't look good, either.

Special coverage: Intel stumbles April 14, 1998
4:35 p.m. PT
Special coverage: Intel stumbles

The microprocessor giant expects a major staff reduction after a significant drop in profits. The future doesn't look good, either.

Earnings in decline
Weakened demand, overproduction, plus price pressures equal a big drop.

Is it just the beginning?
news analysis Before things get better for Intel, they will likely get worse.

Lukewarm support for chip
Few PC makers are expected to build systems for the low-cost Celeron chip.

Processor price cuts due
On the eve of releasing new processors, the chipmaker will discount older models.

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  --Intel stock chart


--Andy Grove, Intel chairman


--Ashok Kumar, Piper Jaffray analyst