Intel in the middle

Bowing to pressure from computer makers and memory manufacturers, Intel formally commits to producing more chipsets that will work with standard computer memory.

CNET News staff
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Network chip plans, Rambus memory pricing, data transfer advances, and Pentium III enhancements dominate the Intel Developer Forum.

"Our OEM [original equipment manufacturers] and DRAM [dynamic random access memory] vendors asked us to do this."

- Pete MacWilliams, Intel fellow


Intel concedes memory issue, as expected
The chipmaker changes its stance that all of its future chipsets will support Rambus memory, which would have limited the horizon for using standard memory.

Intel strides into network chips with new products, fund
Intel will enter the networking processor market with a bang when it rolls out a new line of processors for telecom equipment and a $200 million venture fund geared to attract allies.

Intel, Rambus work to lower memory costs
Rambus' biggest ally, Intel, announces a consortium to help lower the price tag and boost adoption of the next-generation Rambus memory technology.

Data transfer technology touted at Intel show
Consumers tired of slow-performing printers and other external PC devices are about to get a long-needed boost in speed.

Intel: Enhanced Pentium III will hit 700 MHz
The chip giant will push to release the "Coppermine" Pentium III processor, an enhanced version of its high-end chip, in October and bring it out at a speed of at least 700 MHz.