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Intel in fast lane with new chips, growth strategy

The chip giant unveils details of several new initiatives at its developers conference, as CEO Craig Barrett discusses his vision of computing's future and reassures investors of Intel's growth strategy.


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The chip giant unveils details of several new initiatives at its developers conference this week, including faster server chips, a new architecture for its Pentium 4 processor, and slower-than-expected Itanium chips. Meanwhile, CEO Craig Barrett takes a jab at Sun's business model and discusses his vision of computing's future, with reassurances to investors of Intel's growth strategy.


Intel execs expect Napster-like influence
update The chipmaker's executives say the peer-to-peer technology popularized by Napster could usher in the next wave of the Internet and save companies billions of dollars.

Server makers struggle with Xeon shortage
Intel's chip shortage, a problem since last October, has extended to its high-end Xeon line for servers, Intel executives say.

Intel unveils new chip design for gadgets
The company announces the successor to its StrongArm chip. Dubbed XScale, the design will power future generations of handheld computers, mobile phones and the backbone of the wireless network.

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Intel chief talks strategy
video Craig Barrett says he is focusing on the chipmaker's growth rate to persuade Wall Street the company is a high-growth stock.

Intel's new Itanium chip drags its feet
Slower speed disappoints Itanium watchers, but observers say the architectural improvements are what matter most.

Intel super-sizes Pentium 4 chip
Intel's upcoming Pentium 4 will be more than twice as big as the Pentium III and approximately 28 percent bigger than anticipated, sources say.

Red Hat cashing in early on Itanium chip
Intel's Itanium chip isn't even for sale yet, but already it's become a revenue generator for Linux company Red Hat.

Intel CEO Barrett's prophesies for software gurus
video Intel's chief executive shares his vision of computing with one of the chipmaker's most important audiences: software developers.

Intel CEO says Sun model doomed
Craig Barrett takes a swipe at Sun's vertical approach to business, which, he says, locks customers into products from a single seller, drives them away, and hampers innovation.

Intel ups server chip speed to 1 GHz
update The company will ratchet up the speed of its high-end Xeon chips to 1 GHz, the company plans to announce at its Intel Developer Forum conference today.

Intel invests in new connection technology
The chipmaker and others invest $9 million in a start-up that will make processors for the upcoming InfiniBand technology for high-speed connections.

Intel to share Pentium 4 details at forum
update The chipmaker will fill in the details on the Pentium 4 at its developer forum in San Jose, Calif., this week and will show off new chips for cell phones and handheld computers.