Intel creates unit for consumer electronics

Michael Kanellos Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Michael Kanellos is editor at large at CNET News.com, where he covers hardware, research and development, start-ups and the tech industry overseas.
Michael Kanellos
Intel has set up a consumer electronics group, company president Paul Otellini said Thursday. The new division, within Intel's desktop products group, will seek to come up with new chips and contracts for the home market, he said.

Headed up by Glenda Dorchak, the CEG will oversee the development of products such as the liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) chip for large-screen projection TVs and work with digital video camera makers to get them to start using Pentium-style chips to power their wares. Additionally, the group will come up with reference designs, or blueprints, for products--a task Intel is increasingly performing in various markets.