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Instacart workers call for boycott to restore 10% tip

They're asking customers to tweet #DeleteInstacart and email the grocery delivery company's CEO about proposed pay changes.

Workers at Instacart are demanding pay changes.
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Workers at grocery delivery service Instacart are calling on customers and the general public to boycott the company and protest in favor of bringing the app's default tip amount back to 10%. The workers shared their call via a Medium post on Monday, which was reported on earlier by The Verge.

On Jan. 19, the workers will call on customers to support their efforts by tweeting at Instacart using the hashtag #DeleteInstacart until the company "restores[s] fairness and transparency of pay." The following day, they'll ask customers to email Instacart CEO Apoorva Mehta about the proposed changes.

Instacart's workers have for months been rallying to restore the app's default tip amount to 10%. Shopper Vanessa Bain previously told CNET that the company removed its tip option in October 2016 and promised higher delivery commissions. Tipping was reintroduced later, but to a lower default amount of 5%. The company has been accused of pocketing tips meant for workers, for which DoorDash, an on-demand food delivery company, was also under fire last year. Instacart later changed that controversial pay policy after mounting criticism.

"We have fought for fair pay, but Instacart continues to lower it," the Medium post reads. "Combined with their recent bonus-cutting act of retaliation, workers are now bleeding out of both sides -- our pay is too low AND the default tip amount is too low. In order to continue fulfilling your orders, we must see action from Instacart."

In a statement, Instacart said it's tested "various versions of the customer tip default over the years," and that "ultimately, we believe customers should have the choice to determine the tip amount they choose to give a shopper based on the experience they have. The default amount serves as a baseline for a shopper's potential tip, and can be increased to any amount by the customer."

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Originally published Jan. 13.
Update, Jan. 14: Adds statement from Instacart.