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Inside an Airbus A380: A video tour

From cattle class to the $22,000 suites, we take you on a video tour of a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380.

Private suites, double beds, Givenchy doonas and a whole lot of in-seat entertainment options: welcome aboard a Singapore Airlines A380.

A380 super jumbos have been causing a big fuss of late, with Australian travellers all excited by the prospect of flying long-haul in greater comfort. The specs are certainly impressive — the double-decker aircraft can hold up to 525 passengers in three classes, and the 7.14-metre diameter of the cabin means wider seats and aisles.

Qantas has recently taken delivery of its first A380, and the inaugural flight — from Melbourne to Los Angeles — will take place on 20 October. But the good ol' Aussie aviator is lagging a year behind Singapore Airlines. The Asian carrier offered its first commercial A380 flight from Singapore to Sydney in October 2007, and now sends its super jumbos back and forth regularly from Sydney to London via Singapore.

So how does a super jumbo differ from your standard 747? See for yourself with our video tour of the Singapore Airlines A380 and its sweet tech features. From economy to the "beyond first-class" $22,000 suites, we'll show you what to expect from the next generation of aviation.