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Inprise, Sun in Java tools deal

The development tool software firm announces a pact with Sun to supply the systems giant with Unix-based development technologies.

Inprise is making powerful allies.

Today, the development tool software company announced a partnership with Sun Microsystems to supply the systems giant with Unix-based development technologies.

Inprise, formerly Borland International, will build Java development tools for Sun's Solaris operating system, the companies announced today at Inprise's user meeting in Denver. No terms of the deal were disclosed.

The companies will also partner on other technology and marketing initiatives, including an existing program to migrate users of Sun's Solaris NEO ORB to Inprise's VisiBroker for Java and VisiBroker for C++ object request brokers. The program was begun by Visigenic, which was acquired by Inprise last fall.

Additional initiatives will be announced in the coming months, according to Inprise.

Sun is attempting to boost its position in the development tool and middleware market. Last month Sun acquired application server maker NetDynamics in a deal worth approximately $160 million.

NetDynamics makes application server software and related tools. The software is used by corporate application developers to create a middle tier that links Web-based client systems to back-end data sources and applications.

Inprise, which yesterday announced its own application server software, is attempting to grow its presence in the corporate information technology market through new technology and the formation of a professional services organization.