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Infodata files Web documents

Infodata Systems introduces Virtual File Cabinet, a document management package for sharing files.

Infodata Systems (INFD) has released new document management software that lets workers share documents, no matter where the documents are stored.

The Fairfax, Virginia-based company's Virtual File Cabinet is a Web-based system for accessing, organizing, and sharing documents. The software lets users share documents by linking to a single copy of a document, instead of creating duplicate copies and scattering them throughout a network.

Users can bookmark frequently used documents that reside in corporate back-end databases from Oracle and Sybase, as well as organize the links into virtual folders and file cabinets on their desktop. The software may be used to store documents made "on-the-fly", for instance, by workgroups that need easy access to documents for specific projects

The VFC software works via a standard Web browser and uses a password security system. It uses standard Structured Query Language (SQL) database commands and connects to databases through Open Data Base Connectivity drivers.

The software includes a database server engine for keeping track of the links, Verity's search engine software, and a Netscape Communications Web Server license, in addition to the Virtual File Cabinet software.

Infodata is also working to link the VFC software to documents stored in PC Docs and Lotus Development's Notes and Domino databases. The company said the additional capability will likely enter beta testing in the third quarter and roll out next fall.

VFC is priced from $15,000 for an unlimited user license.