Individualized news fit to print

Individual is shipping a new release of its First Intranet news service for businesses.

Individual announced today that it is shipping a new release of its First Intranet service, which provides customized news for businesses.

First Intranet uses a company's intranet to deliver customized content from more than 600 sources. Information is organized by industry and company-defined topics and is automatically archived to build a news database that can easily be used in reports and newsletters.

Release 2.0 of First Intranet provides several new features, including email briefs that employees can get while on the road. With "integrated verity search," users can instantly search for archived items.

According to Individual, the service will be priced starting at $250 per reader each year for sites with 200 or more readers; larger businesses can expect to pay $100 and under for the service. First Intranet is compatible with all leading Internet browsers, and the server software runs on most leading Web server environments.