iLuv hits the wall with iMM9500 vertical CD/MP3 hi-fi audio aystem

iLuv's iMM9500 vertical 4CD/MP3 hi-fi audio system with subwoofer is a wall-mountable audio system with a built-in iPod/iPhone dock that's due out in May.

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David Carnoy
iLuv's wall-mountable iMM9500 Vertical 4CD/MP3 Hi-Fi Audio System is due out in May. ILuv

If you ever wanted a Bang & Olufsen wall-mountable system but couldn't afford one, iLuv will be offering the poor man's version this May when it releases the iMM9500 Vertical 4CD/MP3 Hi-Fi Audio System with Subwoofer. No word yet on its price, but it has a built-in iPod/iPhone dock and a four-disc MP3 CD player. Here are the basic specifications that iLuv is serving up.

  • Works with iPhone and iPod--plays and charges
  • 4-MP3 CD/audio playback system with universal dock for iPod
  • 2.1 channel speakers
  • Plays MP3, WMA files on SD/MMC cards and USB flash memory stick
  • SD card slot and USB port for connecting thumbdrives and external storage
  • Time sync function automatically updates the clock to match the time on your iPhone or iPod
  • Random, repeat, intro, and program functions
  • Programmable memory for 40 audio tracks
  • Mute, sleep, timer, and more
  • AM/FM radio with PLL digital tuning technology
  • Programmable presets for 32 radio stations (16 for AM/16 for FM)
  • Clock display with sleep function
  • Timer function (auto on/off) with snooze capability
  • Supports subwoofer output jack
  • Sliding motorized CD door mechanism
  • Audio output: 45-watts RMS (80-watts peak at) 10 percent THD