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Ilog buys Oasis Software

The optimization software maker is trying to make a name for itself as the stuff inside the stuff companies buy, much like Intel.

French optimization software maker Ilog is stopping at an Oasis.

Ilog announced this week that it is buying for an undisclosed price Oasis Software. Oasis makes the Optimization Programming Language (OPL) and development tool OPL Studio that Ilog has been reselling since October as the Ilog OPL Studio.

The OPL Studio is a modeling system for quick development of optimization applications, software that uses advanced algorithms to plan the best use of labor, manufacturing equipment, or plant floor space.

"This is a natural extension of Ilog's strategy," said AMR Research in a recent report on the purchase. "Currently well regarded as an optimization component provider, Ilog has been trying to grow through alliances and partnerships."

The most notable of these is with German software giant SAP. SAP owns 5 percent of ILOG and called on ILOG to help build a production planning and scheduling product for SAP's new advanced planning and optimization software.

"The acquisition of Oasis cements the steps taken with the earlier product release to offer ILOG customers greater capability for rapid application development," AMR stated. "This should appeal to not only customers but potential consulting and implementation partners."

Ilog is trying to make a name for itself as the stuff inside the stuff companies buy, much like Intel is to the PC market. Besides SAP, Ilog's algorithms drive i2 Technologies, Manugistics, and JD Edwards optimization products and is in use at IBM, Hewlett-Packard, US West, and even Intel.