iDot.com unveils $699 PC

The young company, which sells its machines exclusively online, is trying to carve a niche for itself with low-cost yet robust PCs.

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PC startup iDot.com announced a new line of computers today based on AMD's newest processors that start at around $699 without monitor.

The young company, which sells its machines exclusively on the Web, is trying to carve a niche for itself as a relatively low-cost PC provider that can nonetheless squeeze in high-end gaming and multimedia features.

iDot.com's new $1,999 system, for example, features a 350-MHz K6-2, 128MB of memory, a Voodoo II 3D graphics chip from 3Dfx, a 10GB hard drive, and a 17-inch monitor.

"AMD systems, because of the price points, seem to be popular with a certain segment of the population," said Mark Marlowe, vice president of product marketing for iDot. "What's interesting is that people assume it's more of a consumer product, but a number of small businesses have also bought," AMD systems, Marlowe said.

Previously, iDot.com only featured AMD processors in its sub-$1,000 systems and Intel processors for its higher-end machines. AMD, however, is becoming more integrated into the company's lineup. In addition to the $699 and $1,999 PCs, iDot released AMD-based systems for $899, $1,199 and $1,499. The $1,199 system features a 350-MHz K6-2 and comes with a 17-inch monitor.

"On a comparably equipped system, AMD systems can range from a couple of hundred dollars to one hundred dollars less [than Intel systems]," Marlowe said. "For us, our volume is in our Pentium II line. Probably 80 percent of sales going out are Intel-based machines."

Marlowe, however, added that "people that want maximum performance are opting for Intel."

Although currently iDot.com only manufacturers and markets desktop systems, the company will move into notebook computers by the first quarter of next year, Marlowe said.