ICANN moves to move VeriSign lawsuit to Paris

Net's governing body domain registrar's suit against it moved from California to International Chamber of Commerce.

Declan McCullagh Former Senior Writer
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Declan McCullagh
The Internet's governing body is trying to reroute that VeriSign, which has a monopoly on the master .com database, filed against it in February. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) said Friday that it has requested that the lawsuit be moved from California state court to the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

VeriSign's lawsuit claims that ICANN has unfairly prevented it from adding new features--like the controversial SiteFinder utility--in violation of its contract and antitrust laws. ICANN said in a statement Friday that arbitration will yield a speedier outcome to a controversy that is "not a private dispute but one in which has a direct impact on the Internet community, which has an important stake in the outcome of these matters."