IBM to heat up Java

IBM expands its Java agreements with Sun Microsystems, licensing both HotJava and the Java operating system.

CNET News staff
IBM (IBM) today announced that it has licensed both HotJava and the Java operating system from Sun Microsystems, as previously reported by CNET.

IBM also announced that it is building a Java Validation Center in San Mateo, California, to test the interoperability of applets on various platforms.

IBM has been among the most passionate supporters of Java, looking to the platform-neutral technology as a way to develop applications that run across Big Blue's broad range of operating systems. The company has already licensed the Java Virtual Machine, the engine required to run applets in a browser or operating system, and was the first to create a Virtual Machine for Windows 3.1. IBM is also continuously creating new Java applications and posting them to a special Web site called alphaWorks.

Today, the company deepened its commitment to Java by expanding its existing licensing agreement with Sun.

JavaOS is a lightweight operating system designed to run on network computers and embedded systems. IBM said it plans to include JavaOS in future versions of its network computer. IBM said it is evaluating how to use HotJava, a set of building blocks for creating custom user interfaces, in its future offerings.