IBM releasing iNotes for iPhone

Lotus Notes users can get their corporate e-mail on their iPhones through IBM's Web application that puts Notes mail inside the Safari mobile browser.

Tom Krazit
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IBM has released iNotes Ultralite for getting Lotus Notes e-mail onto the iPhone. IBM

IBM has released a way to get Lotus Notes e-mail on your iPhone that stops short of full support, but gets the job done.

IBM's iNotes Ultralite (no trademark fight necessary) will be formally released Tuesday for Notes administrators and iPhone users. The software is a Web application that allows you to access Notes mail through the Safari mobile browser on the iPhone. Administrators need to install IBM Lotus Domino Web Access 8.0.2 in order to make the whole thing work.

One of the more popular additions to the iPhone 3G was the support for Microsoft's Exchange technology, which allows you to get your corporate Exchange e-mail on the iPhone's Mail client. IBM and Apple haven't inked a deal to do the same thing for Notes as of yet, but an IBM representative said the two companies are working to bring the Lotus Notes Traveler software to the iPhone.

iNotes Ultralite is a free download from IBM.