IBM PCs get more muscle

Users will be able to flex more desktop muscle using IBM's newest line of PCs featuring dual Pentium Pro processing.

Users will be able to flex more desktop muscle using IBM's (IBM) newest line of desktops capable of dual Pentium Pro processing.

IBM's PC 365 series, targeted at commercial personal computer users needing multimedia, engineering, full-motion video, and database applications, come with 180- and 200-MHz Pentium Pro processors.

The entry-level Model 1 will come with a 180-MHz processor with 256KB of integrated cache, 16MB of EDO memory, a 1.6GB hard drive, a 64-bit graphics accelerator card, and three PCI slots. The systems are expected to retail for $2,400.

The Model 2 has a 200-MHz Pentium Pro, 32MB of EDO memory, Windows NT, and an 8X CD-ROM drive. It will have a retail price of around $3,200.

The top-of-the-line Model 3, which serves as an entry level workstation for graphics intensive operations, comes with a Pentium Pro 200-MHz processor, 32MB of ECC memory, a 2.1GB fast and wide SCSI hard disk drive, and a 6X CD-ROM drive. Other features include a graphics card with 4MB of WRAM and Windows NT. The system is expected to sell for $4,400.

Features common to all models include the ability to use a second Pentium Pro processor, remote local area network management, self-monitoring hard drives, an infrared port, Universal Serial Bus, and TME 10 NetFinity.

IBM says that the PC 365 Model 1 and Model 2 are currently shipping and that the Model 3 will ship November 1.