IBM OfficeVision gets Web-ed

Beyond Software has a Web interface for IBM OfficeVision email and calendering.

Beyond Software today announced a Web interface for IBM's VM-based OfficeVision email and calendering environment, EnterpriseWeb/Vision.

With EnterpriseWeb/Vision, standard Web browsers like Netscape Communications' Navigator can be used as client front ends for sending and receiving email and attachments from within the OfficeVision host. The new product can replace PC-based terminal emulsion programs that require more user training and support.

Enterprise Web/Vision allows companies to use mainframes as super-servers for corporate intranets, taking advantage of the mainframe's fast response times and ability to handle thousands of users simultaneously.

The product's features include global time zone support, binary attachments, and a Web interface to Office Vision's Notelog files. With this methodology, mobile PC users can leave their mail on the host where it will be backed up and available from any workstation. EnterpriseWeb/Vision also supports enterprise-wide calendars and scheduling.

Company officials say that EnterpriseWeb/Vision should be available by the third quarter of this year and that pricing will be announced at that time.