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IBM has grounds to use Java Beans

IBM became the first to propose a use for a Sun Microsystems' Java Beans.

SAN FRANCISCO--IBM became the first to come forward with an implementation of Sun Microsystems' Java Beans initiative, a new architecture designed to let Java applets work with ActiveX or OpenDoc components.

IBM's Arabica, announced today at the JavaOne developer conference here, is the company's effort to make OpenDoc components and Java applets interoperate so that a developer could use Java to control OpenDoc components for such functions as word processing. IBM will begin beta testing of Arabica in the fourth quarter.

Sun is hoping that Java Beans will also be used to link Java with Microsoft's Component Object Model, the heart of the ActiveX architecture.

Separately, IBM today posted as expected Java just-in-time compilers for OS/2 and AIX on its Web site. The just-in-time function, which compiles Java applets to specific platforms at run time, is designed to improve Java performance by as much as 26 times in Web browsers running on those platforms, IBM said.