IBM expands server line

IBM enhances its RS/6000 line of RISC workstations and servers with more models and new clustering technology.

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In a move designed to bolster its lineup of electronic commerce solutions, IBM (IBM) enhanced its RS/6000 line of RISC workstations and servers with more models and new clustering technology.

The RS/6000 line, which has been primarily positioned for the scientific and engineering markets, got four new models for use in everything from Web serving to transaction processing. All new systems come standard with 166-MHz PowerPC 604e processors.

The 43P Model 140 is the entry-level product positioned as a Web or firewall server. With 512KB of level 2 cache, 32MB ECC memory, and 2.1GB disk storage, the system will cost $7,000. A 200-MHz 604e processor is optional.

IBM's first SMP two-way server under the $20,000 mark is the 43P Model 240. It will come with dual processors in the same configuration as the Model 140 for $9,995. The Model F40 is billed as a high-capacity workgroup server, with up to 81.9GB of internal RAID-5 storage available and room for up to 1GB of ECC memory.

It comes with one 166-MHz 604e and can be upgraded with a second processor with a plug-in card. The price for a base configuration is $15,995.

For transaction processing, IBM has introduced the Model H10, which is a rack mounted F40 with seven drawers, 12 hot swappable drive bays, and nine ISA/PCI slots. Its price is $17,995.

As a part of its strategy to target commerce applications, IBM says it will be including Lotus Notes and Domino when the systems are purchased with AIX 4.2, IBM's version of Unix. Windows NT 4.0 is also supported, the company says.

Expected availability of all products is expected in early November, except the Model H10, which is slated to ship in mid-February 1997.

In related news, IBM introduced clustering technology that enables users to create high-availability clusters with point-to-point IP network connections such as T1 or T3 lines. The system provides real-time mirroring of customer data and file systems, protection of application and system data and supports up to eight nodes per geographic cluster. The system is priced at $10,000, according to IBM.