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IBM: Amazon violates our patents

Big Blue files suit, saying mega e-tailer is infringing intellectual property ranging from advertising to hyperlink technology.

IBM has targeted with two patent infringement lawsuits filed Monday, claiming that the online retail giant is willfully exploiting a number of its patents.

The patents deal with intellectual property issues ranging from advertising to hyperlink technology to electronic catalogs. Financial information concerning the magnitude of the damages was not disclosed.

"These are high-quality patents," said IBM spokesman Edward Barbini. "To not enforce our patent rights would be a discredit to those who fairly and lawfully use these licenses."

IBM filed its suits in Texas' eastern district, which is known for expedient patent infringement trials: It played host to some of Vonage's numerous legal battles and to a settlement last month between Nortel Networks and Ciena.

A statement from IBM asserts that the company had been attempting to resolve the patent issues with Amazon since September 2002.