How two small tech brands play the retail game

Vava and Benjilock make very different products but face similar challenges.

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Introducing new tech devices is notoriously tricky, especially when they're different enough to not fit neatly in an existing category, like a lock that needs no key or a video projector that sits right up against a wall. Now what?

Benjilock and Vava are two smaller electronics brands that have introduced exactly those products and found that in-store retail was essential, not anachronistic. Among the channels they use is B8ta, a small chain of boutique-like tech showcases. (Editors' note: B8ta and CNET have partnered for in-person and online presentations.)

VAVA 4K UHD Short Throw Laser Projector

Vava makes a 4K video projector that sits closer to the wall and costs much less than those from many big-name makers. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

"Like the Apple stores, you feel it, you touch it and then you get the idea," says Robbie Cabral, founder and CEO of Benjilock, which makes a fingerprint-sensing padlock that is produced by Hampton Products. "Feeling a product and seeing that it actually unlocks with your fingerprint, you're like 'OK, now I get it.'"

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Benjilock directions

Operating a Benjilock requires a little training and some new muscle memory.


And it's not just the product that needs to be demonstrated, but also the brand, according to a maker of cutting-edge video projectors. "Our projector is close to $3,000. You're not talking about buying a $10 gadget," admits Jeh Lin, director of business development for Vava, makers of an ultrashort-throw 4K projector. "Not a lot of people have heard of the Vava brand. People want to do their research, they want to see it in person."

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Lin says being in a store that emphasizes experience, like B8ta, can instill confidence that helps equalize his brand against tech giants like Samsung. "I love Best Buy, but within B8ta they provide an above-and-beyond experience," says Lin, who also values the fact that B8ta's technology and store layout allow it to capture a customer's journey and time spent interacting with each product.

Robbie Cabral and Jeh Lin shared a number of other insights into launching new tech products with CNET's Brian Cooley in the video above.

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